Where are all the goo d guys- (2)

Where have all the good guys gone? Are the guys wondering, where are all the great ladies?

I have been back in the dating scene on and off now for 15 months, with a combo of online and offline. When things end it is the same ending. NO REPLY to a text. Seriously guys, what is with that? Why do Men do this? I am only dating guys, so I cant speak for what other women do. I am sure there are women who do exactly the same. Ignore a guy’s message. However, I don’t get it. What is so hard though, about saying “I am just not that into you”. Is that hard to do in a text even? I get it, not everyone you meet is going to be your next big love. The world would be boring if everyone got along that well, that I know for sure. I just don’t understand the lack of communication.

I also get, that when you meet someone online, they could be doing the multi-dating thing. I have done that, and trust me it is hard work keeping up. At one time, I was dating a Jay, Jake and Jason. You connected better with someone else, I get that too. However, don’t give me the “I’ve been busy” BS line when I check in to see what happened. I get busy, running 2 little kids around, establishing a new biz (welcome!) while running an existing travel biz, trying to have me time and run a household and look after a gorgeous golden retriever. I do busy. I still text to say “Im just not that into you”. It takes all of 17 seconds to pick up the phone, find the contact and send the message, “i’m just not that into you”, send. Easy right? It’s a text too, it’s not even a phone call, so I just dont get it.

Then I had a thought, is it me? I asked a girlfriend, ‘Why does this keep happening?’. She asked if I was intimidating, of course my reply is no. Honestly, I really don’t think I am … Yes, I am confident, but I am easy going too and actually, I am shy around men I like, not that my friends would believe that, but it’s the truth. I am far from needy and I am definitely not texting guys all day and night, way more things to do than that, and actually, I find endless texting with someone you dont really know, quite boring.

Then I had another thought, is it women in general. Are we setting our sex up for dating failure? Is organising a casual hook up all it is these days, is sex just way too easy for everyone thanks to Blendr and Tinder? Is all dating is these days is a swipe left or right, quick message, hook up, wham bam, thank you Ma’am and done. Guys really dont have to work hard for sex any more. I dont mean women need to play hard to get either, I am not into those kinds of games.

With all the different dating sites out there, does everyone just think that the grass is greener somewhere else? Are we just too available? What about old fashioned dating, starting out as friends first, and having some romance. Is romance dead, please tell me it isn’t. So I say, date with dignity, don’t just swipe right for an ego boost, hold your head high and keep your legs together. Make him woo you and enjoy being wooed!

So I felt a little dating chip on my shoulder growing, which I wasn’t quite fond of, because I do absolutely believe that there are plenty of great Men out there. While I sit and type this up, I actually have the answer to this dilemma of mine. It was like a ‘penny drop’ moment today. Such an amazing experience, but I will share that with you tomorrow. Fun!

Wait til you see what’s next!

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