Is to be grateful. Yes, you heard me, be grateful. Be grateful for the great times in your marriage, be grateful for a fresh start, be grateful for the lessons you have learnt from the marriage that was just not meant to last.

When my world as I knew came to a bitter end, I felt lost and alone, even though at this very point that I was introduced to gratitude, I was with my parents in the McLaren Vale South Australia. At the time I was dealing with high anxiety and needed all the support I could muster.

This night I text a lovely lady that I knew who was very spiritual and did energy healing. I text her and said my marriage is over, I don’t know what to do, I am asking for help. She replied with ‘Be grateful’ and then a few other words of encouragement.

My immediate emotional reaction was “What the f*ck is she on about?” Grateful for what exactly? Seems an odd thing to tell someone in this state. I then paused, and thought, ok Renee, you’ve reached out to Nicole for a reason and this is what she is offering. Sit with it, and consider it I told myself.

Hmmmmmm. What is with this gratitude? How do I be grateful that my marriage is over and family will now change forever. More of a pause. Then I just said to myself ‘Well, let’s give this a shot as it certainly can’t hurt.’

I started writing in my journal things I was grateful for that night. I had zero idea how this was going to help but when you are at rockbottom the only way is up, so I embraced gratitude that night. Sitting alone on my bed, feeling like crap, with pen and paper and an inkling of hope, I started writing out things I was grateful for.

I was grateful for :
Bonding with my parents like never before
The two amazing children I have with my (ex) husband
The dog that we have and our house
For being in the McLaren Vale, surround by sensational wine 😉
For the fresh start in life I would have once I got home
For the amazing honeymoon we had

There is so much you can be grateful for from just fresh air and sunshine, to your health, family and friends, to a random act of kindness and freedom of speech. Whatever it is that you have right now, be grateful for that.

I never knew how much it would change my life, when at the time I heard about gratitude, I felt like slapping Nicole. But it is true. Look at what Deepak Chopra and Oprah did last time they had one of their 21 day meditation challenges, it was all around grace and gratitude.

Check out the link here:

When you embrace this practice into your daily life, like I have for the last 3 ½ years, and as Tony Robbins says ‘You will feel like the richest person alive.” Things will change for you, just wait and see.

I want to give you a ‘dare’ as such, because I like being a little cheeky, but I dare you to practice this gratitude movement for the next 21 days and then check in with me. Take it to another level and do it for 30 days and check in. Better yet, download this gratitude journal I just made and record how you’re doing.

Thanks to you for reading this, I am grateful.
Ren x

PS: Here’s something the kids and I do regularly, write notes of gratitude and put random coins we find in the jar also.

gratitude jar

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