Let me introduce you to “Heaven on Earth”, and it is only about 45 mins drive from Koh Samui Airport.  The drive there feels like you are going somewhere secret, to untouched parts of this gorgeous island, where more and more palm trees and lush vegetation edge along the road.

As you step out of your private van and head to a welcoming reception area and greeted with a friendly smile, you know you are somewhere special.  When you enter your room, either a hotel style room, suite or villa, you can’t help but start to unwind and relax immediately.  The Beach Front Villa was my home away from home. All the rooms are open and light while being decorated with timeless elegance.  Even so, to incorporate the surrounds into some of the rooms, whether it is and old twisted tree or a huge granite rock.  The entire creation of Kamalaya was designed around a Monk’s Cave, where you are welcome to sit and meditate or be in awe of the experience that awaits you here.

The cuisine is unique and absolutely delicious, from green shots of “brain tonic” for breakfast, chilled cucumber and avocado soup for lunch, or mango sticky rice for dessert, or simply, drink straight from a young coconut whenever you please.  At lunch, you may choose to sit in what feels like a suspended picnic table, your feet dangling down, or join the communal table at night, and chat with soon-to-be friends from all around the world, you always feel part of something.

As for the Wellness Sanctuary, so aptly named, and where you may spend most of your time, in either an open treatment room with the breeze blowing, or an air conditioned room, the staff are friendly and experienced in various modalities.  You will walk away feeling like you have died and gone to Heaven.

Such a unique place, a place with a heart and soul, more than “just a holiday”, but something that everyone must experience, where you have the opportunity to reconnect with yourself.  I guarantee you won’t want to leave and will be thinking, “when can I come back?”.  Back to Bliss.


Photo credit to Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa, Koh Samui, Thailand. The shot itself is ‘the lap pool and Amrita Café at Kamalaya’.
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