Where have all the  good guys gone- -

Where have all the good guys gone – Part 2

I have had a dating epiphany, a light bulb moment, an A-ha moment! Whatever you want to call it, I had it, and it is the best thing! I am so, so excited about this. I wrote the last blog ‘Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?” before the epiphany and before the chip on my shoulder got any bigger, thanks to me feeling like it was nearly impossible to meet a good guy. Wait, don’t jump to conclusions here, please, here me out, this is GOLD!

I believe in dealing with our issues, health, mental, physical, whatever it is, in a wholistic way, that includes holistic methods combined with so called status quo. Everyone has some issues (aka baggage)to work through, some challenges and some lessons to learn. I wanted to make sure that I had dealt with all ‘that’ before embracing a new relationship. So I see a wonderful lady called Megan who does some NET – google, it’s amazing. I have been seeing her for 12 months and had a 6 month break, for no particular reason. I recently went back 2 weeks ago and then again this Tuesday 10 Feb. OMG! Was not prepared for this, however, the answer was right in front of me and oh so obvious when you think about it.

We have our half our session, which involves some chats, affirmation statements, muscle testing and releasing, few tears every now and then but mostly lots of clarity and shifting old thoughts. We are having a chat and she asks me if I am dating anyone. Blah, is my response. Yes and then a no. I say, I am giving up, I am not sure there are any good guys out there, and then I correct myself and say, I know that is BS, but where are they? Why don’t they ever text or call back when they say they will?? That is the biggest pain in the butt that I just don’t understand. Why can’t they just man-, take the 7 seconds to send the message and say “I’m just not that into you?” I tell her? Then if they do text back they say “sorry, I’ve been too busy”. She looks at me and says to me “well, after all you’ve told me about what is going on for you right now in your life, do you actually have time for someone, and room in your life?” OH. Silence. I am speechless (to all those who know me reading this – SHH! Yes, I know, that doesn’t happen often, there, I said it) A big sigh – Ahhhhhhh, then a big A-HA! WOW! The lights come on! Crap. I have no time. I thought I did, but now, being challenged like this (in a good way), the honest answer is NO. I have zero time. So why even try. So it made sense, that I am attracting these guys who have no time, because I have no time. No fault of their own. We all attract certain people into our lives and now I know why I was attracting these guys. Thank you! Crisis of one huge mother f*cker of a chip on the dating shoulder averted. Whoo!

So, to all the guys I have dated out there, that haven’t text or called back, I am sorry for being grumpy at you (and the male population), it was all me!

Over and Out!
Come back soon to find out what’s next!
Cheers Ren

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