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There are around 45,000 divorces granted each year in Australia. Yet, as I found there is little support on knowing what to do next and it can be a completely daunting experience. Life as you know it has taken a whole new meaning and outlook.  

Knowing how to get back on your feet flying solo, what your rights and responsibilities are, how to get the best outcomes without ending up in a scene that looks like something out of ‘War of the Roses’ isn’t as easy as what some may think!

What was the next best step to make and who should I talk to and trust?

Then when you do see the lawyer or other professional service helping you out, there was a void, a big gap. I had great support from friends and family, there was still something missing.  I had seen a psychologist and was over all the talking, so now what?

Who really knew what it was like to go through a separation and divorce and could help me with the unseen things I wanted to deal with? I didn’t want to end up in some group where all the women were complaining about their ex, it wasn’t about that, I wanted to feel whole again.  I wanted to find my happy, my sparkle and my smile.

I didn’t want to be home alone for the next 10 years scared of another relationship or surround by 10 cats.  I wanted to be able to navigate the next year and a day with more positivity and direction.  I wanted the ride of the roller coaster of emotions to even out a bit.  I wanted to be a great example to my children and not break down crying.

When I divorced there were no specific services offering exactly what I needed, so I made the best from what was available and I made a promise to myself, that when I got through the other side of my separation and the emotional roller coaster, I would find a way to make this a service for women who needed help to get through a divorce.

To make sure that the suffering that comes from our emotional blind spots was minimised for other women. My mission is simple; to help you transition to “happily single” in the smoothest way possible.

My coaching is priceless, it will help you save both your sanity and potentially a great deal of pain in the process. To find out more and to see if I can help you complete the form below.

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