A divorce party you say hey, so what is all that about anyway.  I was interviewed about divorce parties and the benefits for a national publication, the Herald Sun, back in June, you can check out the article here… https://goo.gl/Y9CRik

A divorce party, well mine anyway, was about being an empowered, confident and sassy singleton again. Getting back out into life again and enjoying all life has to offer.

Having a divorce party can be hard to understand for some so let us start with what they are not.

A divorce party is NOT about bashing your ex or constantly talking about them in a bad way or throwing darts at their face.  Although, I guess for some, that may be therapeutic at first, however….

A divorce party is not about regretting the marriage.  In fact, it is the complete opposite.  A divorce party is about a new chapter in life.  Celebrating the piece of paper that officially declares you single. It is about all the things you have done in the year and a day since the separation.

For me, it was the fact that I had relocated, I had handled the paper work and delivery of the documentation for the divorce all by myself.  I turned up in court and stood up for 2 minutes before the judge and presto, done, that simple.  In that time, I had put a BBQ together all by myself, and about 52 or so other things that I have also written about.  I had two very happy kids that I had most of the time.  I had regained some confidence.  I had been overseas twice on my own and was finding my sparkle again.

On the night of the divorce party I had my closest friends who had been there with me through the nights of tears and laughter, the new tattoo, the new wardrobe.  Had given me hugs when needed, had helped clean my house, cook meals and be there for me.

That was me and my journey….read on for tips on your own divorce party.

** image is courtesy of Herald Sun Andrew Tauber **

How would you like to have a divorce party? 

Would you go out with a sash like at a hens party saying ‘just divorced’?

Whatever it is you choose, make it about you and have a positive celebration behind it.  I get asked in various emails on how to have a divorce party so here goes :

The Stay At Home Divorce Party 

  1. Some sexy lingerie that signifies ‘getting your sexy back’
  2. Mobile sex toy company, yes, I have said before that you need to get a vibrator
  3. A mobile cocktail making bar tender that comes to you and there is no queues
  4. Cool music play list is essential, think Stronger by Kelly Clarkson or Diamonds by Rihanna or one of my favs Dare You by Hardwell


Out and about – think of this as the reverse of a hens party

  1. Go to the coolest club in your town and book a VIP booth, arrange express entry before hand.
  2. Get a new out-fit, hair and make up done with a whole new look
  3. Celebrate in style by getting a fancy Uber or limo to the club or bar
  4. Note to friends of the divorcee – make sure a guy comes and flirts with your friend no matter what!!! Make her the centre of attention and look after her too. Someone needs to stay slightly more sober than the rest.

Really, they can be absolutely anything you want and super easy to arrange, its all about the message behind the party.  Look out world, I am here again, better and braver than before.


Then next, is your divorce holiday ….. hello Las Vegas…until next time.

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