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Date Yourself!

It is Valentine’s Day, and sometimes not the easiest of days for some fabulous single chicks (I call everyone chick, just to be clear on my choice of word). Some of us couldn’t give a sh*t about this American invented day (disclaimer: or whoever invented it). What’s all the fuss about, why can’t we buy our significant other roses any day of the week, why the reminder and all the expense and hoo ha of it all? Who knows, Google does, but I am not Googling this. Some of us love it and embrace it and spoil the significant other. Take it or leave it, you kind of can’t ignore it unless you are living under a rock somewhere.

However, before you decide to date again, how about considering this little gem, date yourself first! Yes! Sounds kinda crazy right. What, take your fabulously single self out for a romantic, candle lit dinner and talk to yourself. No and Yes. What I mean is this. When you come out of a relationship, so many people are quick to get back into a relationship. I started dating my ex-husband 3 months after he and his wife split up. Three months seemed and ok amount of time, right. What the heck did I know, have a look at me now! Ha ha The point is, when you come out of a relationship, so many people find that they have lost themselves in that relationship. You don’t even really know yourself, so how are you going to date someone and expect them to be the right person? Unless you just want them to be Mr Right Now?

One of the best Valetine’s Days I remember as a single girl, was about 14 years ago. I was living in the groovy suburb of Elwood and my room-mate Jo and I decided to grab a bottle of wine each, take the tram into the Botanical Gardens with blankets and picnic to celebrate at Moonlight Cinema. So much fun.

Here’s some ways you can date yourself :
1. Take yourself to the movies – that way no one interrupts or eats all your pop corn
2. Do a new a activity like salsa dancing or a cooking class
3. Eat out alone and order an expensive bottle of bubbles
4. Go to a gallery and look at the art like you know what it’s all about
5. Put yourself in different circles of friends where you will meet new people
6. Take a weekend away to your nearest city, 5 star all the way, room service and explore
7. Just hang out alone and get to know yourself , you are pretty fabulous you know
You never know who you might meet along the way …..
By doing this, you will find yourself and an even better version of you. If you haven’t quite gotten there yet, that’s ok, you will. Come back for the next blog, because what’s next is all about ‘Finding You Again’.
Now, go buy yourself some beautiful roses, put a smile on your face and walk with your head held high. Then take a selfie and tag DivorceGo2Girl on Instagram!

Have a happy Valentine’s Day and here’s to creating an amazing What’s Next Chapter in Life!
Cheers, Hugs and virtual roses (and choccies)

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