Yes you – I am talking to every single person who’s marriage or relationship ends.  You must change.  Now before you get all virtually cross at me, hear me out.

A very wise man once said “Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results is the definition of insanity”  – Albert Einstein

So let me relate this to the here and now and the business of relationships, marriage, divorce and finding yourself suddenly single.  Let me also be an example and share with you why I had to change.

I had not had nearly enough time to sort my ‘stuff’ out from when my marriage ended to the next relationship.  There was no time to really heal and there was not enough time to reflect on what happened, learn the lessons and then get my mojo back.  I was still the same version of me, a slightly damaged version and not a better more improve version 2.0. I ignored my coach’s advice of ‘take things slow’.  I took all the ‘stuff’ from my marriage into the next relationship, as it was only 10 weeks post split…. Then about 8 weeks later that relationship ended badly.

So, if I kept going on and being the same version of me, I was going to keep on attracting the same type of guy.  No thanks, two was enough.  

So in order to get a different result, I had to behave, think and feel differently about my divorce and moving on. I saw this time as a great opportunity to reinvent myself.  I was about to turn 40 and I wanted to be the best Mum possible for my two young kids so they didn’t suffer during the divorce and make them proud of me (in time).  I also wanted to look at myself in the mirror and be proud of the girl I saw.  I am no where near the person I was when I was unhappily married .  I am back to the original me, but only better, version 2.0 is here.  So I made a conscious decision to go from bitter to better.  To create an amazing ‘What’s Next’ chapter in life that I so excited to get up everyday and see what opportunities lie ahead.  I CHOSE to see the purpose that my relationship was, and that it simply had served it’s purpose. Simple. I absolutely know you can do this too.

How do you do it I hear you wonder? You simply just CHOOSE to change.  With an open mind and heart.  With a willingness to learn and grow, to be challenged to new ways of thinking.  By surrounding yourself with amazing people that lift you up, and stretching that comfort zone just a little. I hope you really can see why you need to change. Time to put the big girl panties on, and really show up for life!  Is there really any other way??  I don’t think so.


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