Workshop: How To Have A Successful Break Up

Wouldn’t you agree that breakups can be one of the most soul destroying challenges of your life? Regardless if you were in a relationship for a few months or ‘until death do you part’.  No one can prepare you for the after effects and the emotional rollercoaster.

You may be thinking that right now, you’re ok with where you are at post-breakup.  That you don’t even need to address any issues and that you learnt the lesson already, or ‘what lesson’ you say.

A relationship may even be the last thing on your mind right now.  But what if we could share our strategies that can identify where you are at, and how to move you through this faster and with direction to give you a much more positive outlook on life, love and dating again.

Our method will help remove the shame, fear, blame and guilt that comes with a breakup.  We know no one ‘fails’ and we can show you the flip side to your breakup and have you more confident and happy.

What We Will Cover

  • Contact with your ex and how to navigate the initial post-break up conversations
  • The emotional stages of a break-up, and yes, you are normal
  • How you can deal with your emotions through each stage
  • Getting clear on why the breakup happened
  • How to break relationship patterns

By The End of The Workshop You Will:

  • Have gained insights and understanding of what stage of the break up you are at
  • Know how to best communicate with your ex
  • Understand and have clarity around what support you may need
  • A clear path of your next steps to moving forward and loving single life
  • Have tools to keep you get mentally strong and stay strong

You Will Be Inspired by and learn from

Two leading experts and thought leaders in the relationship and dating industry have joined forces and will be your guide for this jam packed Break Up Success Workshop!

After going through her own ‘tsunami of a divorce’, Renee Catt, is highly sought after for her leading break up and divorce advice, and has been labelled ‘divorce guru’.

Karina Pamamull – Dating and Lifestyle Mentor has extensive experience in break ups and the best approach to a healing heart. She’s been sought after from the Media for her insights and opinions regarding Dating and Relationships.

Both passionate about joining forces to bring you a jam packed workshop with real scenarios, guidance with a ‘keeping it real’ style of educating and inspiring you.

    Image of Renee karina pamamull

Renee Catt

Divorce Go To Girl

Karina Pamamull

Dating and lifestyle Mentor

Details For The Workshop

Date: Wednesday 22nd June 2016
Time:  7:00 – 9:00pm
Location: Loop Bar and Space23 Myers Place, Melbourne

(on the ground floor – at the far end of the bar)

Cost: $47.00




Are you ready to take positive steps and  move to a successful post break up?