Getting In Touch With Woo Woo

Getting In Touch With Woo Woo

woo woo

By saying Woo Woo, I mean my spiritual side, which by the way, pre marriage ending, I had pretty much zero of. Zero of that I acknowledged then anyway. I’d always known and said to myself that ‘things happen for a reason and they always worked out as they should’. I’d had a passion for personal development but that kinda took a side step when I got involved with my ex. That is as far as my woo woo side existed. A few of my close friends and by that I do mean exactly 2, were into meditation and crystals. What the, I used to think. I had one other gorgeous acquaintance that did energy healing, again, what the. Then one other lady I had been following who was an online success was quite into woo woo and manifesting. That was my extent with woo woo.

One very dark and stormy (emotionally) day, I was curled up in bed at my parents in the McLaren Vale, having a bit of a break from reality as my marriage had just ended, I sent a text to this gorgeous acquaintance asking for some guidance. Honestly, I don’t know why, at this moment that I am writing (3am in my tent at Walkerville with my 2 tiny peeps sound asleep) I cant even recall why I had her phone number. But I sent this text, with words like this, Hi Nicole, I am reaching out to you because my marriage has just ended and I feel like I am falling further apart inside and I just don’t know what to do. I am not good at asking for help but I really could do with some guidance right now. Love Renee.

What came back was completely unexpected and I got a bit of a shock. The essence of the text was ‘be GRATEFUL and I will send out some prayers for you, but ask for guidance from source’. Words to that effect.

What the! I had no idea what that even meant. Apart from the obvious but what does being grateful have to do with anything right now?? I sat there and thought about it. Ok, let’s give this gratitude thing a go. From then on, each night before I went to bed I would write in my journal 3 things that I was grateful for that day. For the last 2 ½ years this has been how I end 99% of my days. It changed my world.

I was grateful for:
The marriage that I did have for it served a purpose.
The amazing children we created
Their smiles
Fresh air
My dog
My family
My friends
Sunrise, I love seeing the sunrise
Sass & Bide
The lessons learnt from the end of my marriage

The list is endless and when you allow this practice into your life, it changes your world for the greater good (i.e. getting off my anti-anxiety medication). That was my introduction to woo woo. I also now meditate twice a day, I have some crystals on my window sill and only wear essential oils and much much more woo woo. My spiritual side and my intuition is how I now base most of my decisions in personal and business life and it is always right. I am still a firm believer that everything does happen for a reason and what ever will be, will be, Que Sera Sera (the first tattoo I got on my foot!).

6 Things My Divorce Has Taught Me

1. To Show up – You do have the strength and courage it takes within you to do ‘this’. It might not feel like it right now, or even tomorrow but you owe it yourself (and kids if you have them), so dig deep. No one ever dies of Divorce. You have to get up every day, get dressed, put your lippy on and a pair of heals, metaphorically speaking to some degree. No point sitting around the house in your daggy comfy clothes. In fact, throw them in the bin so you don’t have a choice. Get your pretty on!

2. Be Choosey – Surround yourself with fricken awesome people. People who believe in you, people who have a great shoulder to cry on, people who don’t mind if you vent occasionally, and people who give great hugs. Choose your reaction and choose the energy and meaning that any experience really gives you. Again, you may need to dig deep, or better yet, choose a great Life Coach or Divorce Coach to get you through this time. I did and it was the best choice I made.

3. To Let Go – Trying to understand someone else is near impossible and a very easy way to do your own head in. As soon as I let go of that idea, happy days. How someone else treats you is a reflection of their own “stuff”. Mostly, it has nothing to do with us. So I just focussed on what I could control, and what my reaction would be and the energy I gave any event or something someone did, said or wrote.
To Learn and grow. I got to know who I really am, what I will and won’t stand for and who I want to continue to be. My Divorce has actually helped me realise how awesome I am. Well, actually, it was a dear, dear friend who uttered those words to me in my kitchen in the very early days of the split. Who was I to argue?? Insert cheeky smile.


With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

It’s taken me some time to realise I am not Super Woman, although I would love to ride around in an invisible jet and be able to whip a lasso while rocking the outfit, boots and all!! By that I mean, running 2 businesses, doing them both really well, whilst looking after myself and my gorgeous tribe members – Ethan, Keely and Wonder Dog, Remy. This year with my Super Kids, Preppy and Kinder Gal, I now have an additional range of “stuff”, not to mention a bit of house work (where is my magic wand?).

As I am now a “Lone Ranger”, I am finding the juggling act quite challenging.   Bloom and it’s members deserve my full attention, but unfortunately I am feeling too stretched, a little like Mrs Incredible.  So it is with a heavy heart and reality check, that it is time for me to say Good Bye to Bloom.  This has not been an easy decision for me to make, first to myself and then to Jo and our members.   I want to take this opportunity to say that I am extremely grateful, in particular to Jo and the journey we have had along the way from creation to implementation of Bloom. (more…)