4 Reasons Why You Do Not Need The Facebook Breakup Tool

WTF?  Really, is this just the biggest waste of Facebook’s money and talent or what.  Seriously, you need a tool to ‘breakup’ with someone on Facebook.  The only tool we should need after a breakup is a new vibrator.  I think using this just makes you look like a social media stalker tool. (we all know the saying of Facebook stalking, c’mon we all do it too).  Sorry, blunt, not sorry, but I think this topic needs to be said in this way.

What you do need to do is just BLOCK and UNFRIEND.  It is that easy.

So here is how you breakup with someone ‘socially’ in 4 easy steps :

  1. Unfriend and block them – there is zero reason to know what they are up to. This will honestly help you have a clean break and in time feel so much more empowered and able to move forward sooner.


  1. Delete the photos – You do not need these reminders. You may choose to have a separate album for them as reminders, because I am sure most of the times together were great.  However, you do not need to keep being reminded of them.  Especially if you don’t have children.  While I can still be grateful for the times we had together, I don’t need them on social media.  They are kept in a safe box for when the kids want to see them.



  1. Unfriend and block any of his/her friends you feel you need to – just do it. I’ve had many a conversation with people before about he said/she said blah blah is up to this and that.  Chinese whispers etc etc.  If they are not going to be in your social circle and have done the whole ‘choosing sides’ thing, then just unfriend.  We all still have phones to keep in touch if it’s necessary.  Remember, those who are meant to be in your life, will always be there.


  1. Change your status to SINGLE , not separated or divorced, just be single. Before you got married or into a relationship you were single status.  Who says you have to be separated or divorce on Facebook, no one ever.  Single is way better, and way more fun 😉



Rocking Tinder For The Modern Woman

By Tinderella & Tinderfella

So you find yourself at the end of a long term relationship ready to dip your toe into the unfamiliar world of dating only to find that the game has had a paradigm shift since you last played. The days of meeting someone in a bar are so passé now all you need to do is download an app and you have an MCG full of prospective male suitors within your GPS range just waiting for your attention.

My intent is not to scare you into avoidance; my intent is to share my experience in the hope that it helps you navigate your path when transitioning into the same space as a mature woman. In the interests of offering a balanced perspective I would also like to share the flip side by providing the thoughts of a male friend that I made on Tinder who managed to change my linear view.


Date Yourself

sending all my love

Date Yourself!

It is Valentine’s Day, and sometimes not the easiest of days for some fabulous single chicks (I call everyone chick, just to be clear on my choice of word). Some of us couldn’t give a sh*t about this American invented day (disclaimer: or whoever invented it). What’s all the fuss about, why can’t we buy our significant other roses any day of the week, why the reminder and all the expense and hoo ha of it all? Who knows, Google does, but I am not Googling this. Some of us love it and embrace it and spoil the significant other. Take it or leave it, you kind of can’t ignore it unless you are living under a rock somewhere.

However, before you decide to date again, how about considering this little gem, date yourself first! Yes! Sounds kinda crazy right. What, take your fabulously single self out for a romantic, candle lit dinner and talk to yourself. No and Yes. What I mean is this. When you come out of a relationship, so many people are quick to get back into a relationship. I started dating my ex-husband 3 months after he and his wife split up. Three months seemed and ok amount of time, right. What the heck did I know, have a look at me now! Ha ha The point is, when you come out of a relationship, so many people find that they have lost themselves in that relationship. You don’t even really know yourself, so how are you going to date someone and expect them to be the right person? Unless you just want them to be Mr Right Now?


Where Have All The Good Guys Gone – Part 2

Where have all the  good guys gone- -

Where have all the good guys gone – Part 2

I have had a dating epiphany, a light bulb moment, an A-ha moment! Whatever you want to call it, I had it, and it is the best thing! I am so, so excited about this. I wrote the last blog ‘Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?” before the epiphany and before the chip on my shoulder got any bigger, thanks to me feeling like it was nearly impossible to meet a good guy. Wait, don’t jump to conclusions here, please, here me out, this is GOLD!

I believe in dealing with our issues, health, mental, physical, whatever it is, in a wholistic way, that includes holistic methods combined with so called status quo. Everyone has some issues (aka baggage)to work through, some challenges and some lessons to learn. I wanted to make sure that I had dealt with all ‘that’ before embracing a new relationship. So I see a wonderful lady called Megan who does some NET – google, it’s amazing. I have been seeing her for 12 months and had a 6 month break, for no particular reason. I recently went back 2 weeks ago and then again this Tuesday 10 Feb. OMG! Was not prepared for this, however, the answer was right in front of me and oh so obvious when you think about it.


Where Have All The Good Guys Gone?

Where are all the goo d guys- (2)

Where have all the good guys gone? Are the guys wondering, where are all the great ladies?

I have been back in the dating scene on and off now for 15 months, with a combo of online and offline. When things end it is the same ending. NO REPLY to a text. Seriously guys, what is with that? Why do Men do this? I am only dating guys, so I cant speak for what other women do. I am sure there are women who do exactly the same. Ignore a guy’s message. However, I don’t get it. What is so hard though, about saying “I am just not that into you”. Is that hard to do in a text even? I get it, not everyone you meet is going to be your next big love. The world would be boring if everyone got along that well, that I know for sure. I just don’t understand the lack of communication.

I also get, that when you meet someone online, they could be doing the multi-dating thing. I have done that, and trust me it is hard work keeping up. At one time, I was dating a Jay, Jake and Jason. You connected better with someone else, I get that too. However, don’t give me the “I’ve been busy” BS line when I check in to see what happened. I get busy, running 2 little kids around, establishing a new biz (welcome!) while running an existing travel biz, trying to have me time and run a household and look after a gorgeous golden retriever. I do busy. I still text to say “Im just not that into you”. It takes all of 17 seconds to pick up the phone, find the contact and send the message, “i’m just not that into you”, send. Easy right? It’s a text too, it’s not even a phone call, so I just dont get it.