Finding the courage to end your marriage, or relationship as you know it, is one of the hardest decisions many people find themselves Googling answers for. In the separation and divorce professional world, we find ourselves entering into Divorce Week and Divorce...

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Divorce Parties Anything

A divorce party you say hey, so what is all that about anyway.  I was interviewed about divorce parties and the benefits for a national publication, the Herald Sun, back in June …

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The Princess and The Penis

The Princess and the Penis So I see this image on a very well known business networking Instagram page and I have to double take. I am having this internal dialogue of, WTF, what is with this, how is this positive.... Initially I was taken aback because 2349 liked the...

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Should I leave, or should I stay?

Should I Leave? Asking the question "Should I leave my husband?" has got to be THE hardest question we ask ourselves.  That is the million dollar question over half the married population ask on Google.  Or it is something you never thought you’d be ‘Googling’....

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Workshop: How To Have A Successful Break Up

Wouldn’t you agree that breakups can be one of the most soul destroying challenges of your life? Regardless if you were in a relationship for a few months or ‘until death do you part’.  No one can prepare you for the after effects and the emotional rollercoaster. You...

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How To Separate Your Emotions During Separation

How do you really separate your emotions during your separation? For us fabulous women reading this, and yes YOU, you are fabulous, no matter what. We are wired to be emotional, to be nurturing, to show our feelings and to actually give a shit. And guess what, that is...

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Is One Really The Loneliest Number?

I ask you, ‘is One really the loneliest number?” I was recently asked to contribute to Lift Magazine by Naomi, who is also a single mother to one son.  You can check it out here and we chat about loneliness and my...

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4 Reasons Why You Do Not Need The Facebook Breakup Tool

WTF?  Really, is this just the biggest waste of Facebook’s money and talent or what.  Seriously, you need a tool to ‘breakup’ with someone on Facebook.  The only tool we should need after a breakup is a new vibrator.  I think using this just makes you look like a...

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Were You Unconsciously Married?

Were you in an unconscious marriage? Have you ever wondered why divorce rates are so high? I sure did when I became one of those statistics. I then wanted to help others get through this hard time so they could feel supported and understood and then start to create...

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Rocking Tinder For The Modern Woman

By Tinderella & Tinderfella So you find yourself at the end of a long term relationship ready to dip your toe into the unfamiliar world of dating only to find that the game has had a paradigm shift since you last played. The days of meeting someone in a bar are so...

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About Ren

Hello, I am a Melbourne mother-of-two who gave my new single status the ultimate reinvention.  I found my passion and purpose and then created a new career based on lessons from my divorce and now am here to help others going through a breakup.

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